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2023 Section VI Football Schedule

Photo by Shawn Turri

Week One

Friday, September 1 (7:00 pm start unless noted)

North Tonawanda at Hutch Tech

Niagara Falls at Lancaster

Orchard Park at Williamsville North

Baldwinsville (Section III) at Jamestown

Hamburg at McKinley

HS Global at Starpoint

Williamsville East at Sweet Home

Lew-Port at Grand Island

Amherst at Williamsville South

Pioneer at Kenmore East

West Seneca East at Cheektowaga

Lake Shore at Dunkirk

Albion at Iroquois

Burgard at Roy-Hart/Barker

Tonawanda at Depew

Olean at Falconer/CV/MG

Springville at East Aurora

JFK at Alden

Newfane at Eden

Franklinville/EV at Salamanca

Catt-LV at Portville

O’Hara at Chautauqua Lake

Randolph at Fredonia

Gowanda at Silver Creek

Saturday September 2

Bennett at Lockport

Clarence at Frontier

Niagara Wheatfield at Kenmore West

Maryvale at Cleveland Hill

WNY-Maritime/Tapestry at Lackawanna

Akron at Wilson

Medina at St. Mary’s

Southwestern at CSP

CBA-Syracuse (Sec III) at South Park @ Brockport

CNS (Sec III) at West Seneca West @ Brockport

Week Two

Thursday 9/7 (7:00 pm start unless noted)

Iroquois at Burgard

Williamsville South at Cheektowaga

Catt-LV at Gowanda

Friday 9/8 (7:00 pm start unless noted)

Lancaster at Hutch Tech

Orchard Park at Frontier

McKinley at Bennett

Niagara Wheatfield at Clarence

West Seneca West at Williamsville North

Starpoint at Williamsville East

Hamburg at Sweet Home

Grand Island at North Tonawanda

Kenmore East at Amherst

Pioneer at South Park

HS Global at West Seneca East

Maryvale at Lake Shore

WNY-Maritime/Tapestry at Alden

Albion at Dunkirk

Cleveland Hill at Lew-Port

Depew at Olean

Lackawanna at East Aurora

Tonawanda at Springville

Roy-Hart/Barker at Newfane

Eden at Medina

Fredonia at Falconer/CV/MG

Salamanca at Chautauqua Lake

Portville at Southwestern

Silver Creek at Franklinville/EV

CSP at Randolph

Saturday 9/10 (2:00 pm start unless noted)

Jamestown at Niagara Falls

Lockport at Kenmore West

Akron at JFK

Wilson at O’Hara

Week 3

Thursday 9/14 (7:00 pm start unless noted)

Jamestown at Williamsville East

Williamsville North at North Tonawanda

West Seneca East at South Park

HS Global at Amherst

Kenmore East at Williamsville South

Friday 9/15 (7:00 pm start unless noted)

Niagara Falls at Hutch Tech

Frontier at Lancaster

Orchard Park at Bennett

Kenmore West at West Seneca West

McKinley at Niagara Wheatfield

Sweet Home at Starpoint

Grand Island at Hamburg

Cheektowaga at Pioneer

Roy-Hart/Barker at Albion

Burgard at Lake Shore

Dunkirk at Iroquois

Lew-Port at Maryvale

Springville at Depew

Alden at Olean

Lackawanna at Tonawanda

Newfane at Akron

Silver Creek at Portville

Southwestern at Fredonia

Chautauqua Lake at Catt-LV

Franklinville/EV at Gowanda

CSP at Wilson

Saturday 9/16 (2:00 pm start unless noted)

Clarence at Lockport

East Aurora at WNY-Maritime/Tapestry

Eden at JFK

Medina at Cleveland Hill

Falconer/CV/MG at Salamanca

Randolph at St. Mary’s

Week 4

Thursday 9/21 (7:00 pm start unless noted)

Sweet Home at Grand Island

Albion at Maryvale

Friday 9/22 (7:00 pm start unless noted)

Hutch Tech at Starpoint

Orchard Park at Lancaster

Frontier at Jamestown

Lockport at McKinley

North Tonawanda at Hamburg

Kenmore West at Williamsville North

Williamsville East at Niagara Wheatfield

West Seneca West at Clarence

West Seneca East at Amherst

Cheektowaga at Kenmore East

Williamsville South at South Park

Pioneer at HS Global

Lake Shore at Newfane

Iroquois at Lew-Port

Dunkirk at Burgard

Alden at Depew

East Aurora at Olean

Medina at Akron

JFK at Roy-Hart/Barker

Cleveland Hill at Eden

Salamanca at Silver Creek

Portville at Fredonia

Southwestern at Chautauqua Lake

Wilson at Franklinville/EV

Catt-LV at Randolph

Saturday 9/23 (2:00 pm start unless noted)

Bennett at Niagara Falls

Springville at Lackawanna

Tonawanda at WNY-Maritime/Tapestry

Falconer/CV/MG at CSP

Gowanda at O’Hara

Week 5

Thursday 9/28 (7:00 pm start unless noted)

Hamburg at Starpoint

Friday 9/29 (7:00 pm start unless noted)

Jamestown at Hutch Tech

Lancaster at Bennett

Lockport at West Seneca West

Williamsville North at Niagara Wheatfield

Grand Island at Clarence

Williamsville East at North Tonawanda

Amherst at Cheektowaga

South Park at Kenmore East

West Seneca East at Pioneer

Williamsville South at HS Global

Albion at Burgard

Lew-Port at Lake Shore

Maryvale at Iroquois

Dunkirk at Southwestern

Olean at Tonawanda

Alden at East Aurora

WNY-Maritime/Tapestry at Springville

Roy-Hart/Barker at Medina

St. Mary’s at Eden

Falconer/CV/MG at Silver Creek

Fredonia at Salamanca

Chautauqua Lake at Portville

Franklinville/EV at Randolph

Wilson at Gowanda

CSP at Call-LV

Saturday 9/30 (2:00 pm start unless noted)

Frontier at Niagara Falls

Sweet Home at Orchard Park

McKinley at Kenmore West

Depew at Lackawanna

Newfane at JFK

Akron at Cleveland Hill

Week 6

Thursday 10/5 (7:00 pm start unless noted)

Bennett at Frontier

Olean at Springville

Lew-Port at Albion

Roy-Hart/Barker at Eden

Friday 10/6 (7:00 pm start unless noted)

Hutch Tech at Orchard Park

Niagara Falls at Hamburg

Clarence at Williamsville North

Lancaster at Jamestown

Kenmore West at Starpoint

McKinley at West Seneca West

Grand Island at Williamsville East

South Park at Amherst

Kenmore East at West Seneca East

Pioneer at Williamsville South

HS Global at Cheektowaga

Lake Shore at Iroquois

Maryvale at Dunkirk

WNY-Maritime/Tapestry at Burgard

Depew at East Aurora

Lackawanna at Akron

Tonawanda at Alden

Cleveland Hill at Newfane

JFK at Medina

Portville at Falconer/CV/MG

Silver Creek at Southwestern

Chautauqua Lake at Fredonia

Catt-LV at Franklinville/EV

St. Mary’s at Gowanda

Randolph at Wilson

Saturday 10/7 (2:00 pm start unless noted)

Niagara Wheatfield at Lockport

North Tonawanda at Sweet Home

Salamanca at CSP

Week 7

Thursday 10/12 (7:00 pm start unless noted)

Cleveland Hill at Roy-Hart/Barker

Cheektowaga at South Park

Dunkirk at Lew-Port

WNY-Maritime/Tapestry at Depew

Medina at Newfane

Friday 10/13 (7:00 pm start unless noted)

Hutch Tech at Frontier

Niagara Falls at Orchard Park

Bennett at Jamestown

Canisius at Lancaster

Lockport at Grand Island

Hamburg at Williamsville East

Kenmore West at Clarence

West Seneca West at Niagara Wheatfield

Williamsville North at McKinley

Starpoint at North Tonawanda

Sweet Home at Iroquois

Amherst at Pioneer

HS Global at Kenmore East

Williamsville South at West Seneca East

Lake Shore at Albion

Burgard at Maryvale

Lackawanna at Olean

East Aurora at Tonawanda

Springville at Alden

Eden at Akron

Chautauqua Lake at Falconer/CV/MG

Southwestern at Salamanca

Portville at Randolph

Fredonia at Silver Creek

Wilson at Catt-LV

Saturday 10/14 (2:00 pm start unless noted)

Gowanda at CSP

Franklinville/EV at JFK

Week 8

Thursday 10/19 (7:00 pm start unless noted)

Springville at Pioneer

Clarence at McKinley

Friday 10/20 (7:00 pm start unless noted)

Hutch Tech at Bennett

Jamestown at Orchard Park

Depew at Lancaster

Frontier at Hamburg

Starpoint at Grand Island

West Seneca West at West Seneca East

Amherst at Sweet Home

Williamsville East at Williamsville South

North Tonawanda at Tonawanda

South Park at HS Global

Cheektowaga at Maryvale

Eden at Lake Shore

Iroquois at East Aurora

Albion at Medina

Fredonia at Dunkirk

Burgard at Lew-Port

Newfane at Wilson

Akron at Roy-Hart/Barker

Falconer/CV/MG at Southwestern

Salamanca at Portville

Silver Creek at Chautauqua Lake

CSP at Franklinville/EV

Randolph at Gowanda

O’Hara at Catt-LV

Saturday 10/21 (2:00 pm start unless noted)

Niagara Wheatfield at Niagara Falls

Williamsville North at Lockport

Kenmore East at Kenmore West

Olean at WNY-Maritime/Tapestry

Alden at Lackawanna

JFK at Cleveland Hill

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