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The premier high school sports event of the summer, formerly known as the Kensington Lions Club All-Star football game, will know its fate by next week. Players, parents, and fans preparing for the 45th Annual ADPRO Sports Senior All-Star game, scheduled for Wednesday July 29th, are holding out hope that the game kicks-off.

With school property still closed off to large public gatherings, Williamsville South, the hosting site of the event, has not given the green light to the game’s committee yet.

A few weeks ago, Adam Erickson, the Athletic Director of Williamsville South, indicated that the likelihood of hosting the event was not good. “Right now, our campus is off-limits. We can’t have practices, off-season workouts, or any programs since the shutdown began.”

Len Thornton now oversees the planning, taking over the job after Milt Dickerson’s passing a year ago.

“Our board is talking things over and looking into what extra precautions we would need to take in order to have this game,” Thornton said by phone Friday. “I’m forever optimistic but the longer things drag on the less likely we will be able to play.”

Thornton told that the committee was still preparing as if the game is happening, even looking into what additional coverage they would need to protect spectators. “We don’t know what added insurance we would need to protect ourselves, so that is something we are taking a close look at. We still want to recognize those senior athletes nominated by their coaches.”

Thornton said he will release the rosters soon. will continue to follow these developments.

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