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51 St. Joe’s Players Stage Protest in Support of Teammate

On Wednesday afternoon the Monsignor Martin Association came down hard on both the Timon and St. Joe’s football programs following an ugly incident at Tifft Field Friday night. In what was supposed to be a great football game showcasing two of the better QB’s in WNY turned ugly early in the 2nd quarter.

While trailing 2-0 Casey Kelly, the quarterback of St. Joe’s, was tackled out of bounds along the Timon sideline. Things turned for the worse as several Timon football players appear to rough up the sophomore. Players rushed to the scene and moments later, officials called the game.

Late Wednesday, after officials had time to review and discuss the incident the league imposed a double-forfeit, which means both teams are awarded a loss. Additionally, a total of five Timon players and one St. Joe’s player would be suspended for their next contest.

On Thursday, 51 Marauders went to school officials protesting the suspension of one of their own. The parents involved with the Marauders booster club are standing behind in solidarity. We have had no response from Monsignor Martin or St. Joe’s as of this morning. We are unsure how this will impact tomorrow afternoon’s game against arch-rival Canisius.

The appeals process began Friday morning.

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