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High school sports are like gold in Western New York. The people who follow the sports feverishly hunt for some of the best games and programs to follow with a passion. Some of these programs are special or have had rich history. Salamanca is no exception to having a rich history under the ‘Friday night lights,’ but, there have been some rough patches throughout just like every program has.

About this time one year ago, the coaching staff at 50 Iroquois Drive decided that despite a lot of great memories and hard work, they were ready to move on.

The next question became, who would take over the helm of the Warriors? Thanks to a unique feeling, Chad Bartoszek put his name in the hat after a very successful six campaigns with Franklinville-Ellicottville.

“I just had kind of a calling, and an urge to come back home and try to do something special,” said Bartoszek in a recent interview.

It is a district wide transition that everyone needs to buy into on multiple levels, not just for the football program. The sophomore coach has a very straightforward and clear cut philosophy as for what he wants to do with the Warriors in the near future.

Bartoszek said “I (am) just trying to maybe lay the groundwork for a revival of some of the programs, in particular the football program.”

Although, the boss believes there is a long way to go, it is his philosophy that it starts from the top.

Bartoszek continued “there’s is a good vibe running through the district right now, a lot of that starts from our leadership.”

Bartoszek stated “everything is connected in a small school” which means that the great things the other programs are doing will have a direct impact on Bartoszek and his program; “it all has to gel together.”

The vibe has allowed some exciting things to start coming to fruition for the Warriors.  One of those things is that they will be able to step foot on a new field in the fall of 2021, as long as everything goes well. The Warriors need to do one thing inside the new facility: build a legacy.

Bartoszek said “this complex is going to be as good of a complex as there is in Western New York, there is just no doubt about it.”

Although they are excited, the Warriors know victory is not going to be given to them. The boss made known “we need to earn the right to win at that field, as soon as we get out there we need to treat it like it’s our house. We (need) to defend it.”

Are the Warriors up to the challenge? I think they are preparing to turn the corner to a great team in Western New York, come see for yourself.

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