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Big Signing Day at SJCI

On May 3rd 2017, 18 students from the SJCI Class of 2017 signed their commitment papers to continue their sport careers in college. These 18 students will be attending colleges across 3 states. Getting a chance to talk to some athletes they all were very excited to continue playing the sport they love in college, there is one in particular that stood out. Louis Surace Jr who will be attending Long Island Post University for football and lacrosse. Getting a chance to talk to Louis he felt very accomplished being able to play two different sports. Being a kicker for football it gives him the opportunity to still play lacrosse and still do the same things he did for SJCI. Playing lacrosse for Louis gives him the opportunity to still, as he says “wreck boys and still have the time of his life.” The sports offered at SJCI that these students excelled in were the following; Volleyball, Cross Country/Track, Soccer, Football, Lacrosse, Golf, Baseball, Wrestling, and Basketball.

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