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School Name:  Cattaraugus-Little Valley

Head Coach:  Heather Kagelmacher

Assistant Coaches:  Abigail Rocque

2021 Varsity Record:  8-6

Key Players Returning:  Alexandra Minnekine (12, SS), Kora Sentz (11, 3B)

New Players to watch out for:  Grace Arnold (7, P)

Key Losses due to Graduation:  Lexi Mikowicz (P, 2B), Alexis Shattuck (2B, P), Meagan Ellis (C), Macy Pritchard (1B, CF)

Any Additional Information:  We are very young with little experience, but seem to be determined.

School Name:     Ellicottville Central School

Head Coach:   Matt Finn

Assistant Coaches:    Chris Keenan, Tracie Myers, Tracy Rozler

2021 Varsity Record:    11-5

Key Players Returning:  Jocelyn Wyatt, Emilee Ruiz, Harley Ficek, Carly Neumann,

Kyleigh Dimpfl, Allison Rowland

Key Losses due to Graduation:   Courtney Sexton – pitcher, Jenna Hadley – 1st

Any Additional Information:   We will be less experienced than we were last year with only 4 returning starters.  We are very excited to see how quickly the new players develop.

School Name: Franklinville

Head Coach: Sydney Cerza

Assistant Coaches: Antonio Marconi

2021 Varsity Record: 1-12

Key Players Returning: Megan Jackson, Olivia Frank, Ava McKune, Cheznea Rivera

Key Losses due to Graduation: Kaylee Brennan

School Name: North Collins High School

Head Coach: Jan Warren

2021 Varsity Record: 7 wins 9 losses

Key Players Returning: Hailey Jasinski, Jaylee Jimmerson, Cate Ayres, Holly Neifergold

Key Losses due to Graduation: Kayla DeChow, Selena Majiewski

Any Additional Information: We lost in the semi-finals to Sherman last year who went on to win the Class D Championship. The girls are going to give their best and try their hardest.  Effort is never the question.

School Name: Portville Central School

Head Coach: Bill Torrey

Assistant Coaches: Matt Milne, Paige Senear, Bryn Milne, Karly Welty

2021 Varsity Record: 16-2

Key Players Returning: Mia Welty, Mallory Welty, Teagan Kosinski

New Players to watch out for: Maddison Ford, Peyton Young, Mattison Foster

Key Losses due to Graduation: Brooke DeYoe (pitcher), Faith Capito (3B), Mia Hlasnick (C), Felecia Capito (1B), Olivia Emley (2B)

Any Additional Information:  Portville Softball is returning three starters from our 2021 campaign.  Six players of our twelve-lady roster are veterans at the varsity level. While we have a number of young players in key positions this year and some “on the job” training will be critical, our new comers are no strangers to success. Our achievements this season will hinge on the ability of our returning players to continue to grow as softball players and use their leadership skills to help transition the younger players into their new roles. We return a veteran pitcher with a solid defense behind her that has the ability to make big plays defensively, if we can limit errors and continue to grow as hitters; I am optimistic and anxious to see what the 2022 season has in store for us.

School Name: Salamanca City Central School District (Salamanca Warriors)

Head Coach: Keith Jones

Assistant Coaches: Kim Gromala and Colleen Fabritius

2021 Varsity Record: 5-7

Key Players Returning: We are returning all but one member of our team from last year.

New Players to watch out for: McKenzie Oakes, Emma Brown, Morgan Maybe, Rylee Grant, Kierstyn Klahn, and Myra Breazeale.

Key Losses due to Graduation: Makayla Burch

Any Additional Information: We have the opportunity to add Junior Varsity Softball this year, and looking forward to this helping us build our program.

Players committed to Playing in College and Where if known? Emma Brown-Texas State

School Name: West Valley Central School

Head Coach: Bryan Hansen

Assistant Coaches: Natalie Galvin

2021 Varsity Record: 1-11

Key Players Returning: Juniors – Lauren Frascella, Colleen Keller

Sophomores – Ronni DuFrane, Bethany Stanier

New Players to watch out for: Freshman Ava Bockhahn, Junior Sam Herbst, Sophomore Emma Smith

Key Losses due to Graduation: Leah Seltzer

Any Additional Information: This is our second year back as a program and we are young again. There are no seniors. We are still young and improving each game that we play. Last year was a great foundational season and we look to continue to grow from where we left off!

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