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Ciezki, Propis lead way

Matt Ciezki has already signed to play basketball in college, but he’s not quite ready to put the wraps on his high school baseball career.

Cieski’s three-run home run in the top of the sixth proved to be the difference maker as No. 4 St. Mary’s of Lancaster beat top-seed St. Joe’s, 4-2, in the opening game of their Monsignor Martin Athletic Association Georgetown Cup semifinal series.

The Lancers can close out the series Wednesday when they host the Mauraders (4:30 p.m.) in Game Two.

“I think as soon as I hit it I knew it was gone cuz I heard the crowd going crazy,” Ciezki said. “It was nice to get some support from the fans today.”

Ciezki continued by saying the team kept a positive mindset throughout the game. And were confident that sooner or later they would break through with key hits.

“We were all positive throughout our at-bats the whole game. No one got down,” Ciezki said. “We were all bringing each other up today. We all stayed positive as a group and that’s what made us win this game.”

In terms of drama, it’s only fitting that the Lancers get the opportunity to close out the series on their home diamond after losing Game Three to the Mauraders at home in last season’s championship series. Game Three had to be played at St.Mary’s due to the fact that Coca-Cola Field, where games One and Two were played, was not available.

But the Lancers coach Mike Wagner feels his team isn’t driven by wanting to even the score from last year. It just comes down to them playing good, fundamentally sound ball.

“We’ve been playing well the last six weeks. And I’m talking we’ve been playing the way you saw us today,” Wagner said. “I’d we continue to put together the quality at bats, the attitude. The defense and our pitching has been phenomenal the last six weeks.”

Wagner said that even though the Mauraders took both regular season games he felt his team played with them every step of the way. And were a confident bunch coming into the playoff matchup.

Though Ciezki delivered the clutch hit it was the work of starting pitcher Frank Propis who stood out.

After surrendering a two-run home run to Marauders starting pitcher Will Carlone in the first inning Propis regrouped and slammed the door shut for the rest of the game. Propis, who fanned six over his 6.2 innings, kept the Mauraders offense at bay until the Lancers could get that clutch hit.

“He put us in the position that we were in, in that last inning,” Ciezki said.

Carlone, who gave respect to the Lancers for playing a quality game, said that he and his teammates have to have a short memory and just get the job done in Game Two and bring the series back home for Game Three.

“We’re keeping our heads up,” Carlone said, “we’re thinking they can’t beat us (two) times. We’ve got the pitching staff. We’ve got the bats. We’re ready to come out (Wednesday).”

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