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Committed Division I Baseball Players from WNY

Committed Division I Baseball Players from WNY

Currently there are 18 Players from WNY that are committed to play Division I Baseball:

Andrew Ayers- Williamsville North-  Committed to St. Bonaventure

Anthony Greco- St. Joes- Committed to William & Mary

Cam Fuer- Iroquois-Committed to SUNY Albany

Drew Podlas- Canisius- Committed to Canisius

Evan Chafee- Hamburg- Committed to University of Alabama

Gavin Borrello- Silver Creek- Committed to SUNY Albany

Joey Haynes- St. Joes- Committed to Canisius

Mason Cisco- Lancaster- Committed to Canisius

Max Yehl- Portville- Committed to West Virginia

Mike Huff- Niagara Wheatfield- Committed to Western Michigan

Mike Stellrecht- Will East- Committed to SUNY Binghamton

Nate Milk- Will East- Committed to Niagara

Owen Silliman- Iroquois- Committed to SUNY Albany

Robert Graves- Lackawanna- Committed to St. Bonaventure

Sam Staerker- Iroquois- Committed to Canisius

Thomas Zwirecki- St. Joes- Committed to Canisius

Tucker Fenton- Maple Grove- Committed to St. Bonaventure

Vic Mazzara- Canisius- Committed to SUNY Albany

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