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Crumpler, Catrabone Top Seeds for NYSPHSAA Wrestling Championships; Official Brackets Released

Two WNY wrestlers have earned the top seed in their respective weight class brackets for next week’s NYS federation wrestling championships in Albany, Friday, 2/24 – Saturday, 2/25.

Niagara Falls senior Jaden Crumpler is the top seed in the large school 126-pound weight class. Crumpler is a returning NYS tournament finalist and was 3rd at Eastern States in January.

Williamsville North junior Cam Catrabone has earned the top seed in the large school 145-pound bracket. Catrabone is a two-time returning NYS place winner and an Eastern States champion this season.

Other WNY area top-4 seeds in the large school tournament are Niagara Falls junior Amarfio Reynolds, Jr (2-seed, 126-pounds) and Niagara Wheatfield junior Te’Shaun Mathews (4-seed, 138)

Reynolds, Jr is a returning 7th place winner in NYS and a 6th place winner at Eastern States this year. Mathews is a returning NYS tournament qualifier.

Newfane sophomore Aidan Gillings is the highest seeded Section VI small school representative wrestler for the state tournament opening as the 2-seed in the 132-pound bracket. Gillings is a two-time returning state tournament place winner and a 3rd place winner at Eastern States this season.

Only two other Section VI Division II wrestlers have earned top-4 seeds for the state tournament.

Newfane junior JJ Lucinksi enters as the 3-seed at 102-pounds. Iroqouis junior Trevor opens as the 4-seed in the 215-poound bracket. Barry is a returning 5th place winner in NYS last season.

Official brackets can be found here via the NYSPHSAA website:

**WNY wrestler Division I seeds**

102: Cullen Edwards (Frontier) – 9-seed

102: Trevor DellaPenta (Hamburg/Eden) – 16-seed

110: Eian Peterson (Niagara Falls) – 11-seed

110: Evan Azbell (Niagara Wheatfield) – 21-seed

110: Austin Zimmerman (St. Joe’s) – 7-seed

118: Kenny Schmitz (Hamburg/Eden) – 9-seed

118: Bryce DellaPenta (Hamburg/Eden) – 20-seed

**126: Jaden Crumpler (Niagara Falls) – 1-seed**

126: Amarfio Reynolds, Jr (Niagara Falls) – 2-seed

126: Nik Massaro (St. Joe’s) – 10-seed

132: Tremell Mathews (Niagara Wheatfield) – 12-seed

132: AJ Didas (Clarence) – 13-seed

138: Te’Shaun Mathews (Niagara Wheatfield) – 4-seed

138: Chase Richards (Niagara Wheatfield) – 21-seed

**145: Cam Catrabone (Williamsville North/East) – 1-seed**

145: Garrett Chase (Niagara Wheatfield) – 21-seed

152: Dylan Gagnon (North Tonawanda) – 8-seed

152: Cam Millender (Sweet Home) – 5-seed

160: Mike Syposs (Niagara Falls) – 7-seed

160: Joe Cicco (Niagara Wheatfield) – 18-seed

172: Luke Smeader (Hamburg/Eden) – 5-seed

172: Mikey Schaefer (Lancaster) – 6-seed

189: Jack MacDonald (Orchard Park) – 6-seed

189: Evan Stencel (Lancaster) – 11-seed

215: Casey Robinson (Niagara Wheatfield) – 11-seed

215: Cam Hall (Niagara Falls) – 20-seed

285: Tommy Carlsen (Lancaster) – 5-seed

285: Bryce Hawes (Clarence) – 21-seed

**WNY wrestler Division II seeds**

102: JJ Lucinski (Newfane) – 3-seed

102: Dylan Newman (Falconer/Cassadaga Valley) – 19-seed

110: Kenji Walters (Southwestern) – 7-seed

110: Dominick Callara (Medina) – 8-seed

118: Carmine Calimeri (Southwestern) – 11-seed

118: Victor Cusatis (Wilson) – 21-seed

126: Jordan Joslyn (Chautauqua Lake) – 7-seed

126: Blake Hageman (Lake Shore) – 20-seed

132: Aidan Gillings (Newfane) – 2-seed

132: Ayden Buttery (Newfane) – 7-seed

138: Xander Kirsch (Pioneer) – 9-seed

138: Martin Ohlsson (Chautauqua Lake) – 11-seed

145: Austin Chase (Falconer/Cassadaga Valley) – 6-seed

145: Trent Burchanowski (Chautauqua Lake) – 12-seed

152: John Watson (Chautauqua Lake) – 7-seed

152: Alex Schiffhauer (Iroquois) – 20-seed

160: Jacob Stephenson (Wilson) – 7-seed

160: Brodie Little (Falconer/Cassadaga Valley) – 6-seed

172: Tavio Hoose (Southwestern) – 6-seed

172: Brady Heckathorn (Pioneer) – 13-seed

189: Matt Trim (Maple Grove) – 11-seed

189: Mason Maring (Chautauqua Lake) – 14-seed

215: Trevor Barry (Iroquois) – 4-seed

215: Ison Shirley (Chautauqua Lake) – 19-seed

285: Ryan Carpenter (Randolph) – 8-seed

285: Hamza Merrick (Wilson) – 7-seed

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