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Frank Wolf’s Sideline Report Week 1

In keeping up with one of my favorite traditions each week during the high school football season, I’d like to honor Dick Gallagher and continue his weekly sideline report. Now I realize it won’t be as good or as respected but nonetheless, here is this week’s Sideline Report!!!

Commentary: Let the officials do their jobs. If you could do better sign up and become one yourself!

Booster Club President of the Week: Vicky Davies, Kenmore West

Academic Achievers of the Week: NA

Top Football Complex: Sweet Home Panthers

Referee of the Week: Dan Finucane

Athletic Director of the Week: Ben Drake, Jamestown

Top Band: Jamestown Red Raiders

Top Refreshment Stand: Strider Field – Jamestown

Top JV Program: CSP Wolfpack

Tackling Machine: Rory O’Brien – EA/Holland

Best PA Voice: Todd Palmatier, Franklinville-Ellicottville

Comedian of the Week: Ken Stoldt

Best Dressed: Dan Russell, Lake Shore

Cheerleaders of the Week: Burgard Bulldogs

Assistant Coaches of the Week: Burgard Bulldogs

Top Ambassador: Dennis Sarow, Connolly Cup

Top Principal: Dawn Wylke – Lockport Lions

Most Photogenic Player: Diar Fleming – Sweet Home

Best Fan: Ron Szot (Thank You for everything….may you RIP)

Most Media Friendly Football Program: North Tonawanda

Alumnus of the Week: Dean Santorio

Best Dancer: Jimmy “Bear” Scott

Name for the Week: Xander Hind – Randolph

Fastest Player of the Week: Jarin Rhim – Medina

Strongest Player of the Week: Will Rhodes – St. Mary’s of Lancaster

Photographer for the Week: Ron Szot

Referee Nickname: Mike “Hoops” Chatelle

Best Chain Crew: All-High Stadium

Best Uniform: Iroquois Chiefs

Class Acts: Mike Webster – BPS

Best Fans: St. Mary’s of Lancaster

Best Dressed Coaches: Williamsville East

Best Game Program: I didn’t see any this past weekend.

Top Stat Keeper: Dan Hannon – Kenmore West

Best Trainer: Emily Bannister – Eden/North Collins

Best Nickname: Kenmore West Blue Devils

Journalist of the Week: Nick Sabato – Niagara Gazette

Best Restaurant: Davidsons!

Most Photogenic Coach: Mike Torillo – Will East

Superintendent of the Week: Mark Laurie – Niagara Falls

Best Team Nickname: Marauders

Top Assistant to Athletic Director: Dean Adams, St. Joe’s

Top Quarterback: Trey Kleitz, Iroquois

Best of the Best: Dick Gallagher 1/21/41 – 6/22/20

Feature Image Credit Shawn Turri/WNYAthletics

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