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Frank Wolf’s Sideline Report Week 2

Commentary: We have a LOT of good football players in WNY. We also have very good coaches, from youth all the way up to Varsity. All of you preparing these kids have done an exceptional job. To you I say Thank You!

Booster Club President of the Week: Ron Caldwell – Cassadaga Valley/Falconer/Maple Grove

Top Football Complex: Williamsville South

Referee of the Week: Ken Eddings

Athletic Director of the Week: Adam Erickson – Williamsville South

Top Band: Niagara Falls

Top Refreshment Stand: North Tonawanda

Top JV Program: St. Francis Red Raiders

Tackling Machine: Matthew Lotter – Fredonia Hillbillies

Best PA Voice: Joe Kraus – North Tonawanda

Comedian of the Week: Sean Bruso – Lancaster Legends

Best Dressed: Bryan Gorman – Canisius Crusaders

Cheerleaders of the Week: North Tonawanda

Assistant Coaches of the Week: Kenmore West Blue Devils

Top Ambassador: Tom Prince, WNYAthletics

Top Principal: Patrick Heyden – Kenmore East

Most Photogenic Player: Mitchy “the Kid” Kelly – Williamsville North

Best Fan: Roger Weiss – WGR550 Inside High School Sports

Most Media Friendly Football Program:

Alumnus of the Week: Jay Sirriani – Southwestern

Best Dancer: Ricardo Kidd – St. Francis Red Raiders

Name for the Week: Harlee Conklin – Gowanda/Pine Valley

Fastest Player of the Week: Dennis “DJ” Johnson – North Tonawanda Lumberjacks

Strongest Player of the Week: Ben Ciesielski – Orchard Park Quakers

Photographer for the Week: Shawn Turri/WNYAthletics

Referee Nickname: Billy “Not the Goalie” Smith

Best Chain Crew: Williamsville East

Best Uniform: Dunkirk Marauders

Class Acts: Jim Craig – Connolly Cup

Best Fans: Cleveland Hill

Best Dressed Coaches: St. Joe’s Marauders

Best Game Program: Williamsville South

Top Stat Keeper: Tim Gardner – Williamsville East

Best Trainer: Mike Maisano – Orchard Park

Best Nickname: Medina Mustangs

Journalist of the Week: Miguel Rodriguez – Buffalo News

Best Restaurant: Chef’s

Most Photogenic Coach: Jerry Smith – St. Francis

Superintendent of the Week: Michael Ginestre – Sweet Home

Best Team Nickname: Wolfpack

Top Assistant to Athletic Director: Adam Bennett – Salamanca Warriors

Top Quarterback: Ben Gocella – Orchard Park Quakers

Best of the Best: Dick Gallagher 1/21/41 – 6/22/20

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