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Frank Wolf’s Sideline Report Week 4

Commentary: Please respect others at football games. Watch your language around kids. We can all be better. Our actions have consequences, not just in the present but also in the future.

Booster Club President of the Week: Top Football Complex: Dave Mansell – Lancaster

Top Football Complex: Springville Griffins

Referee of the Week: Al Fuller

Athletic Director of the Week: Marissa Dauria – Sweet Home Panthers

Top Band: Kenmore East Bulldogs

Top Student Section: Clarence Red Devils

Top Refreshment Stand: Orchard Park

Top JV Program: Jamestown Red Raiders

Fans on the Road: FE Titans

Tackling Machine: Justin Piwowarczyk – West Seneca West Indians

Best PA Voice: Mike Serotte – All High Stadium

Comedian of the Week: John Gross

Best Dressed: Shawn Mangold – Cardinal O’Hara

Cheerleaders of the Week: Randolph Cardinals

Assistant Coaches of the Week: Williamsville South Billies

Top Ambassador: @wny_football

Top Principal: Jason Halpainy – Randolph Cardinals

Most Photogenic Player: Scott Raymond – Clarence Red Devils

Best Fan: George Benson

Most Media Friendly Football Program:

Alumnus of the Week: Joel Andreesen – Lancaster Legends

Best Dancer: Trevor Barry – Iroquois Chiefs

Name for the Week: Kayden Eggleston – Silver Creek/Forestville

Fastest Player of the Week: Parrell Fulgham – South Park Sparks

Strongest Player of the Week: Malik Bryant – WNY Maritime/HS Falcons

Photographer for the Week: Larry Austin

Referee Nickname: Andy “Big Time” Besch

Best Chain Crew: Fredonia

Best Uniform: Franklinville/Ellicottville Titans

Class Acts: Mike Webster

Best Fans: Randolph

Best Dressed Coaches: Depew Wildcats

Best Game Program: Springville

Personality of the Week: Jake Fyock

Media Member of the Week: Scott Kindberg – Post-Journal

Top Stat Keeper: Ronnie Reed – CSP Wolfpack

Best Trainer: Hannah Emerson – West Seneca East Trojans

Best Nickname: Jimmy “Bear” Scott

Journalist of the Week: Adam Gorski –

Best Restaurant: Sorrentino’s Main St Williamsville

Most Photogenic Coach: Mark Dirienzo – Depew Wildcats

Superintendent of the Week: Dr. Matt Frahm – Clarence

Best Team Nickname: Sparks

Top Assistant to Athletic Director: Jim Badgley – Kenmore East

Top Quarterback: Jason Green – Lockport Lions

Top Receiver of the Week: Kegan Mancabelli – Orchard Park Quakers

Top Running Back of the Week: Christian Lewis – St. Mary’s of Lancaster

Top Player of the Week: Ben Gocella – Orchard Park Quakers

Best of the Best: Dick Gallagher 1/21/41 – 6/22/20

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