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Girls Volleyball Roundup – Wed Oct 16th

What Happened Yesterday

Portville defeated Allegany Limestone 3-0 to improve to 13-0 on the year.

Sophomore setter Kylie Blessing achieved 1,500 career assists this weekend, and added to her total last night with 32. She also added five kills and four aces. Tori Unverdorben had nine kills and three aces. Olivia Emley added 14 digs and four aces. Taylor Beck had six digs, four aces. Reggie Tkacik had five digs and four aces.

Portville will visit Southwestern on Wed Oct 16th. Allegany Limestone will host Catt/Little Valley on Thu Oct 17th.

Akron improved to 10-2 after defeating Roy-Hart 3-1 and in doing so earned a share of the Niagara Orleans league title (Akron’s 4th year in a row).

Ella Hill led Akron with 13 kills. Madison Kaczmarek had nine. Elsie Logan had a team-high 32 assists. Elsie Logan had a team-high four aces. Madison Kaczmarek had a team-high four blocks.

Williamsville East improved to 6-7 after defeating Starpoint 3-1. After taking the first set 25-15 the team let Starpoint even the match with a 21-25 loss in set 2. Williamsville East bounced back and took the last two sets 25-11 and 25-19.

Madison Smith led Williamsville East with 11 kills and three aces, followed by Summer Clark (10 kills, 2 blocks) and Trinity Sullivan (7). Lily Mucica had a team-high 18 assists. Alexa Stutzman had three aces. Diana Stone recorded 11 digs. Juliet Scinta added a pair of blocks.

Williamsville East will visit Lancaster on Wed Oct 16th. Starpoint will visit Hamburg on Fri Oct 18th.

Maple Grove improved to 4-5 after defeating Southwestern 3-1. After dropping the first set 18-25 they would go on to win the next three by scores of 25-14, 25-21 and 25-14.

Maddy DuBois led Southwestern with 10 kills. Lauren Cotter (14 digs) and Megan Cotter had seven kills and five blocks apiece. Arrington Restivo tallied 27 assists and had an ace.Southwestern will host Portville on Wed Oct 16th. Maple Grove will host Sherman on Thu Oct 17th.

Panama defeated Sherman 3-0 to improve to 14-0 on the year.

Kylie Schnars led Panama with 15 kills and three blocks. Natalie Angeletti had 10 kills and four digs. Maddie Johnson tallied 21 assists, four digs and a team-high four aces.

Amaya Lewczyk led Sherman with four kills, six assists, seven digs, a pair of blocks and an ace. Hayden Fisher had four kills.

Both teams will play their next match on Thu Oct 17th. Panama will visit Chautauqua Lake; Sherman will visit Maple Grove.

Randolph defeated Jamestown 3-0 to improve to 10-3 on the year.

Alyssa Adams paced Randolph with 10 kills and two blocks. Sydney Hvizdzak and Brynn Paget had five kills apiece. Eve Adams tallied 15 assists. Jillian Stahley had three aces, six digs and a pair of blocks.

Grand Island defeated Kenmore East 3-0 to improve to 12-3 on the year.

Grace Carey led Grand Island with nine kills. Sara Frosolone had seven. Grace Carey had a team-high one aces. Sara Frosolone had a team-high two blocks.

Gabrielle Sordetto led Kenmore East with 10 kills. Maya Maccagnano recorded 16 digs.

Grand Island will visit CSAT on Wed Oct 16th. Kenmore East will host Lewiston Porter on Fri Oct 18th.

Ellicottville defeated Salamanca 3-0 to improve to 6-9 on the year.

Cyrene Moore led Ellicottville with 12 kills and two blocks, followed by Heli Kongats (5) and Jenna Hadley (4). Makenna Smith tallied seven assists, four digs and a team-high seven aces. Sammi Van Wicklin had four digs.

Salamanca will host New Life Christian on Wed Oct 16th. Ellicottville will host Randolph on Thu Oct 17th.

Medina defeated Albion 3-1. After taking the first set 25-18 the team let Albion even the match with a 21-25 loss in set 2. Medina bounced back and took the last two sets 25-19 and 25-21.

Elle Gross led Medina with eight kills and seven aces. Devin Griffin had eight kills. Evie Schultz tallied 12 assists.

Medina will host Kendall on Wed Oct 16th. Albion will host Alexander on Mon Oct 21st.

Springville / West Valley defeated Lake Shore 3-0 to improve to 11-3 on the year.

Kendal Haberer led Lake Shore with six kills and 15 digs. Abbey Hanes (two aces, 2 blocks) and Madeline Tempski had three kills apiece. Jadyn Jones had a team-high nine assists. Abbey Hanes had a team-high two aces.

Rachel Stressinger led Springville / West Valley with eight kills. Ella Wittman had five. Jillian Roggie tallied 12 assists.

Springville / West Valley will visit Maryvale on Fri Oct 18th. Lake Shore will host East Aurora on Wed Oct 16th.

Olean defeated Catt/Little Valley 3-0 to improve to 10-2 on the year.

Adele Dwaileebe led Olean with eight kills, followed by Grace Parr (7) and Brynn Ackerman (5). Sophia Renaud had a team-high 22 assists. Holly Vincent had a team-high four aces. Destiny Custer had a team-high 17 digs.

Both teams will play their next match on Thu Oct 17th. Catt/Little Valley will visit Allegany Limestone; Olean will host Salamanca.

Lackawanna defeated Holland 3-0 to improve to 5-7 on the year.

Leah Gechell tallied 13 assists. Jenna Horvath had a team-high five aces.

Lackawanna will host Cleveland Hill on Thu Oct 17th. Holland will host Buffalo Academy for Visual & Performing Arts on Wed Oct 16th.

Clymer defeated Brocton 3-0 to improve to 3-8 on the year.

Brocton will visit Westfield on Wed Oct 16th. Clymer will host Southwestern on Thu Oct 17th.

Tapestry defeated Burgard 3-0 to improve to 12-2 on the year.

Burgard will host Leonardo da Vinci on Mon Oct 21st. Tapestry will visit Health Sciences on Thu Oct 17th.

Wilson defeated Newfane 3-0 to improve to 11-3 on the year.

Both teams will play their next match on . Wilson will visit undefined; Newfane will visit undefined.

Hutch Tech defeated MST 3-0 to improve to 12-2 on the year.

Hutch Tech will visit Olmsted on Fri Oct 18th. MST will visit undefined on .

Cheektowaga improved to 13-1 after defeating Pioneer 3-1. The team took the first two sets 25-18 and 25-15 but slipped up in a 3rd set 18-25 loss. They finished the match with a 25-5 win in the 4th set.

Cheektowaga will host Lake Shore on Fri Oct 18th. Pioneer will visit East Aurora on Thu Oct 17th.

Later This Evening

4:45pm – Grand Island (12-3) @ CSAT (0-14)

4:45pm – Lewiston Porter (3-11) @ North Tonawanda (8-8)

4:45pm – Niagara Wheatfield (13-0) @ Kenmore West (5-9)

4:45pm – Lockport (13-3) @ Niagara Falls (2-12)

5:00pm – Forestville (2-12) @ North Collins (14-0)

5:00pm – New Life Christian (0-1) @ Salamanca (2-11)

5:00pm – JFK (4-10) @ Global Concepts (0-4)

5:00pm – Hinsdale (0-1) @ Archbishop Walsh Academy (0-2)

5:00pm – Brocton (1-10) @ Westfield (0-13)

6:00pm – Kendall (0-0) @ Medina (2-8)

6:00pm – Cleveland Hill (7-6) @ Olmsted (0-5)

6:00pm – Nichols (1-3) @ Sacred Heart (3-1)

6:00pm – Dunkirk (9-7) @ Silver Creek (4-9)

6:30pm – Pine Valley (6-8) @ Fredonia (7-6)

6:30pm – Cassadaga Valley (10-4) @ Gowanda (11-2)

6:30pm – Iroquois (3-10) @ West Seneca East (2-12)

6:30pm – (0-0) @ Roy-Hart (8-5)

6:30pm – Williamsville East (6-7) @ Lancaster (9-4)

6:30pm – Williamsville South (10-4) @ Sweet Home (7-6)

6:30pm – Frontier (4-9) @ Williamsville North (5-6)

6:30pm – Clarence (12-2) @ Orchard Park (14-0)

6:30pm – Portville (13-0) @ Southwestern (5-8)

6:30pm – East Aurora (6-4) @ Lake Shore (7-4)

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