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Green a Star at O’Hara

Photo by Shawn Turri

While the Cardinal O’Hara Hawks haven’t had much success in the win-loss department over the last few years, they’ve had a major talent hidden on their roster.

That would be Jarrell Green. Green, a senior who plays wide receiver and cornerback for coach Shawn Mangold, is the standard that is held up for the rest of his roster to look to.

“Jarrell is probably the perfect model of a kid to have on a program and he’s an all-around good kid,” Mangold said. “He’s someone that incoming freshmen look to because he sets the example for everyone. He’s definitely our go-to guy on this team.

“His leadership skills are top-notch. He always takes the time to help anybody on the team who has an issue, whether it be on or off the field. As far as practice goes, he’s someone that I can count on to get everybody on the same page and get everybody on the field going during warmups. He’s a great kid.”

Green has shown off his talents in multiple areas. Not only can he play wide receiver and cornerback, but he also can line up at other positions and affect the game in many ways.

“He's an all-around player,” Mangold said. “If you look at our stats from last year, you'll see that he was one of the top guys on the team in receiving and someone who was able to come in at quarterback when needed.

“The kid can do it all. He can do everything except play on the offensive and defensive lines. He’s kind of on the smaller side but wherever we need him, he’s always opening to doing what’s beneficial for the team.”

Green, who plays for O’Hara but attends The Park School, is also a very good basketball player at Park. Playing another sport has allowed him to develop some skills that have helped in football as well.

“Jarrell’s got great footwork and he’s just a shifty kid,” Mangold said. “I could probably put together a highlight tape where we get him the ball and he'll just make guys miss all day. He's ultra-elusive and that’s something that separates him from a lot of kids on the field.

“We’ve had coaches at the end of games come up to us and say ‘Man I'll tell you what, that kid who wears number 1, he’s a good player.’ And we’re glad to have him.”

Whether Green decides to play football or basketball at the collegiate level, he has a bright future ahead of him according to Mangold.

“He just keeps growing as a player and as a person,” Mangold said. “He’ll be successful in whatever he decides to do.”

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Jeffrey M. Rakas
Jeffrey M. Rakas

Nice highlight of a good all around scholar athlete.

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