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Hoestermann Leads Lady Indians In Set 5 Comeback

The WSW Lady Indians volleyball team is all smiles right now. After all, they just won their first league game in three years (2nd in 6 years) on Friday night after defeating Frontier in 5 sets. It was quite the finish as they finally achieved that victory that had been eluding them for so long.

After taking the first set of the match, the Lady Indians dropped set two 25-11 and came up short again in set 3. A complete flip in the lineup during set 4 gave the Lady Indians a spark and helped them to force a 5th set with everything on the line. After jumping out to a quick start in the game to go up 6-1, Frontier would continue to pull ahead, extending their lead to 22-12.

It would seem to the average spectator that the comeback attempt was about to come up short. However, this Lady Indians team refused to accept their fate. One of West’s strongest servers, Julia Lucas, entered the game with her team down 22 – 13. She would deliver 3 aces in her 4-point serving run before Frontier was able to side out. A miscommunication gave Frontier their 24th point.

Rebekah Patrick delivered her 9th kill of the match to give her team one last chance in a do-or-die situation. Abby Hoestermann entered the game to serve for the Lady Indians.

“Down 24-18, set 5, two freshman in the front row… we certainly had our backs up against the wall. Although, in a weird way, it felt ‘right’. As soon as Rebekah put that ball down to get us into that situation, Abby entered the game and gave me a look of calm confidence.”

Abby Hoestermann, now a Senior, has been playing Varsity since her freshman year. She is battle tested and has routinely found herself on the serving line during similar situations. She would deliver for her team once again in the closing moments as the Lady Indians fought their way back to close the gap 22-24. Frontier used their second timeout.

Both teams returned to the court with the crowd on their toes. Hoestermann’s next ace sent the West crowd into a slight frenzy that would end abruptly, almost as if they didn’t want to jinx the comeback.

Next point, Samantha Sigler delivered her 3rd block of the match to tie the game at 24. A sense of relief swept over the Lady Indians. The first major hurdle had been cleared.

The next point would be a back-and-forth battle that would end with West earning their first match point of the night, now up 25-24. One final serve from Hoestermann would send the Frontier Falcons out-of-system, but they were able to recover and put an end to the serving run, bringing the score to 25-25.

West would win the ensuing point, sending Freshman Miranda Held back to the service line for their second match point. The first year Varsity player delivered a strike from the end line that Frontier would be unable to return. The Lady Indians sealed the deal and the home crowd erupted.

“We still have a long way to go, but we’re making progress,” said Coach Todaro after the win, “Tonight was a statement that the girls made to each other, that no matter what, we’re all in this together and no situation is going to change that. The goat has officially walked out of the well.”

Both teams will be back in action on Tuesday. West will host Jamestown for their homecoming match while Frontier will return to their home gym to host Williamsville North.

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