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Lake Shore Looking to Rebound in 2018

Following a 1-6 (0-6) season in 2017, new Lake Shore coach Dan Russell knows there’s only one way for the Eagles’ program to go.


With only one win during a trying season, Russell knew that morale for the team was likely to be at an all-time low, so he decided to focus on laying a foundation at the school and making things fun again for his team.

“We’re starting at the bottom and we’re going to try and build something here,” Russell said. “We’re stacking bricks. You’re going to have days where things don’t go your way, but it doesn’t matter. You just have to take that moment and improve to the next one.

“We also want to bring fun back to the game,” Russell continued. “That’s been missing at Lake Shore for a long time now. It might not translate to wins right away, but the key is to make things enjoyable around here again to give these kids good memories to look back upon one day. It all starts with being proud that you’re suiting up to play here and putting work in, and that will be our mantra this year.”

Russell also knew that his team needed to improve their collective strength, so he decided to install a new strength and conditioning program. According to Russell, it’s paid dividends thus far.

“Our guys can attest that they’ve improved by leaps and bounds in those areas, and I think that’s the foundation of every successful program,” Russell said. “We didn’t have one here prior, and so I think it’s shown so far during the offseason. We’d like to see it pay off on the field this year too.”

Understandably, the team wouldn’t give away any changes the team was planning to make schematically this year. Russell did, however, make one promise.

“I can guarantee you this – we won’t be running a Wing-T offense out there,” Russell said.

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