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Legends Looking to Get Over the Hump

The Lancaster Legends Boys Soccer team are in the exact same position they were at this time last year as the defending sectional runner-up.

Now, the plan is make sure it doesn’t happen a third time.

“It’s really an awful feeling watching the other team celebrate,” senior Brandon Driscoll said. “That is what’s driving us this season.”

In the Class AA Championship, the Legends were given a red card with 10 minutes left in the first half and played the rest of the game down a man.

Nevertheless, Lancaster fought the entire game only giving up one goal.

“They showed a ton of heart,” head coach Palmer said. “Being a man down against a team like Clarence and only giving up one goal, it spoke to their character. They care about each other. We are a family.”

That family atmosphere according to Palmer begins all the way down at the modified level and goes far beyond graduation.

The key to creating that atmosphere is getting rid of ego according to Palmer.

“Once you’re a part of this program you’re a part of this program for ever,” Palmer said. “Everyone understands their role. We don’t allow room for ego. When you get ego off the field, it makes your job that much easier.”

Leading the Legends are senior captains Driscoll, Zach Foley and Jason Martin.

According to Palmer the three are not only talented players but also strong leaders.

“The kids respect them,” Palmer said of his captains. “If they are talking to kids on the team or asking them to do things it’s never in a disrespectful way.”

Both Foley and Martin are willing to sacrifice and fill in spots where there is a need.

“Foley is a traditional midfielder but last year because of injures we had to put him at outside back. This year he understood we lost strong centerbacks and knew he was going to be back there,” Palmer said. “Martin is a utility man. Anywhere we put him he is going to do well. He’s a physical presence out there.”

Driscoll is a midfielder who can distribute very well.

“He played a lot for us last year starting in the middle,” Palmer said. “He can distribute well.”

Palmer is excited for a strong upcoming junior class, that includes Owen Adamec and Jovan Opacic.

Ultimately, Palmer is happy about the depth of the Legends this year.

“There’s not going to be a sudden drop off when we sub,” Palmer said.

While everyone knows the goal is to finally get over the hump and win a sectional title, Palmer believes they must take it one step at a time in order to get there.

“It’s not about the long term, it’s one game at a time,” Palmer said. “If we can stay focused and progressively get better, everything will work itself out.”

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