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Seaman Does it the Right Way

Anthony Seaman didn’t do it because he wanted a pat on the back or someone to tell him he’s a good kid. He did it because it was the right thing to do.

It probably went under the radar of most people but Seamen, a senior in his third season with the Kenmore West boys’ soccer team, showed why he has the privilege of wearing the captains arm band.

It was a few weeks ago in the dying seconds of a hard fought Niagara Frontier League game. One of Seaman’s teammates was battling for the ball and in the process took a hard foul and was knocked to the grass as the final horn went. Seaman, walked through a maze of opposing players without incident, and did what a real leader, friend and teammate should do. He checked on his teammate, reached out his hand, and helped him to his feet.

“Being a leader on this team it’s important to keep everyone positive. Keep everyone in the same group,” Seaman said.

“I think it’s important to keep everyone in line and not do anything stupid to hurt the team. I think if I started something it could have escalated and gotten bad.”

While Seaman modestly shrugs his shoulders and says it was simply the right thing to do, the fact that he made that selfless gesture put a smile on the face of Blue Devils head coach Todd Marquardt.

“That’s the stuff that, I think, typical coaches would say ‘oh that’s what we teach.’ That’s the result of parenting,” Marquardt said.

“He was raised to be a team player in his early youth playing the game of soccer. Just knowing the importance being a team player first. That shows by his demeanor on the field. He’s just a solid defenseman.”

Seaman said that while coaches he’s had over the years have stressed the importance of team first, it was his parents-Rob and Renee Seaman-who instilled the character in him to do what is right.

Seaman said those lessons about leadership and character that his parents taught him have helped him become the kind of captain who can keep an even keel at all times for the Blue Devils.

Saying that Seaman has the mind set of the greater good of the team is the only thing that matters. Marquardt said that while some players think the game is only about scoring, Seaman embraces his role as a defender with pride.

Marquardt also added that Seaman, a two-time All-NFL First Teamer, ranks up with the likes of his all-time best defenseman Corey Deville. But while his on field ability is what is readily evident, it’s Seamen’s character that stands out the most. Calling Seaman a “great quality kid,” Marquardt said that Anthony does all the right things you expect a leader to do. And that whenever possible he tells Seaman how much he appreciates what he brings to the team in terms of class, character, talent and the desire to win.

“Intrinsically he’s driven,” said Marquardt. “He’s one of the kids that every day he leaves here knowing that he gave his best at practice. He never takes it easy and he’s not doing it to condition himself, it’s innate. And he’s just internally driven to compete everyday. For every ball. Every little drill. He’s just physically driven.”

Playing his final East/West game tonight at Kenney Field (5pm) and part of the boys’/girls double header, Anthony Seaman knows his high school soccer career is coming to a close. But he also knows that what he’s learned on the field these past four years will translate into whatever path fate directs him down during adult life.

“Yeah I think it’s always gonna take hard work,” Seaman said. “Just push through everything no matter the circumstances.”

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