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Search is on for Next Varsity Boys Basketball Coach at Lancaster

Updated: Apr 5

After two seasons as the varsity boys basketball coach at Lancaster, Tony Watson has decided to step down. Watson compiled a 25-16 overall record since taking over the program in 2022.

“I am sad to that he is leaving,” Athletic Director Eric Rupp said about the sudden departure. “Tony has done a very good job, AA was as tough as I’ve ever seen this past year.” Rupp did not speculate as to why Watson decided to leave.

Photo Credit: Shawn Turri/WNYAthletics

Hiring a replacement is a top priority for Rupp. “Coaching a varsity sport is not a seasonal job, it’s very demanding and it’s all year long. It’s a major commitment.”

Rupp should know, in addition to leading the athletics department he is also the head coach of the varsity football team.

Rupp also issued the following statement “I want to thank Tony for his contributions to Lancaster basketball over the past two years, we wish him and his family all the best moving forward.”

Watson is not a teacher in the district. He is a financial planner with Equitable Advisors by day and has other business interests including training young basketball players. Speaking with Watson by phone Thursday evening, he mentioned that a large part in his decision to step away was due to his number one priority, and that's being a Father. Watson and his wife Megan have a two year old son and he wants to be there as much as he can.

"The Lancaster athletic department has been very supportive of me since I took over the program,." Watson said. "(Eric) Rupp provided me with everything I needed, overall this has been a great experience for me."

The former UB Bulls standout does not rule out a return to coaching at the high school ranks.

I asked Tony about the rumors that his name was being mentioned as a candidate for the vacant Buffalo State job, "I haven't heard that," he said, laughing about it. "That requires even more time." Watson is comfortable with the decision and will continue to train young ballers and be a fan next season.

He may even do some color for WNYAthletics, stay tuned.

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