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Straw Seeking State’s

One of the best wrestlers in WNY is heading out Saturday to become the Section VI representatives at State’s. Bradley Straw wrestles at 220 for Sweet Home and the 6-year varsity grappler is looking for his first State berth.

It’s Straw’s first season wrestling for the Panthers, he’s a transfer from Lockport. One of his biggest supporters is Sweet Home head coach Don Lilly. “He is doing everything right” Lilly said. “His hard work ethic and devoting himself to being a pin type wrestler has truly paid off.”

Last month Straw set the Panthers school record for most pins in a season with 25. It came against Iroquois on Senior night. A record that stood for almost 30 years (Rob Bandlish 1988).

Coach Lilly said “transfers are something that happens, I am happy he came to us, and looking forward on improving on last seasons finish for this kid.”

Last weekend Straw lost in OT against Starpoint’s Anthony Robinson. The two most likely will go at it once again this afternoon in NT for the right to go to State’s.

“He’s a tough opponent, I rank him as one of the best I’ve faced” Straw said. “I’ve beat him in practice before, so I have some confidence.”

Straw started wrestling as a 7th grader, but almost quit. “I only won one match, didn’t think I was any good.” Thankfully he didn’t. “My family and teammates have been my biggest supporters.”

He knows what he needs to do to reach his goals “Work my tail off!  Wrestle a complete 6 mins or more if needed and get some upsets so everyone remembers me.”

Straw says he has unfinished business. “I’m hoping for a memorable finish to my senior year tomorrow”

It’s been a memorable career already and a lesson left for many that hard work and perseverance can pay off.

Good Luck Brad!

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