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The Dick Gallagher “Sky” lines Report (Week 8)

Top Athletic Complex: Niagara Falls

Top Refreshment Stand: Depew (plus add the cookies that are made for the team by Coaches' Wife (Leah Dirienzo)! That's a combo.

Top JV Program: Kenmore West

Tackling Machine: Lucas Lombardo (Starpoint)

Assistant Coaches of the Week: Frontier- Joseph Fasciana, Mark Privateer, Jim Steffen

Best Chain Crew: Fredonia

Top Ambassador: Mike Masters

Most Media Friendly Football Program: Canisius

Best Interview of the Week: Kaedon Holcomb (Portville)

Alumnus of the Week: Zac Boyes

Best Fan: Joe Daniel

Best Uniform: Franklinville/Ellicottville

Class Act: Nick Todaro (Maryvale)

Best Team Fans: Wilson

Journalist of the Week: Mike Pidanick

On Air Talent of the Week: Norm Rodriguez

Top Color Commentator of the Week: Pat Cauley

Top Quarterbacks of the Week: Carter Capozzi (Gowanda), Justus Kleitz (Iroquois), Nate Snow (Newfane), Gavin Schwab (Pioneer), Rocco Panepinto (Sweet Home)

Top Running Backs of the Week: Simmarion Threet (Cardinal O'Hara), Bryce Posker (CSP), Rob Kibler (Frontier), Tyrone Clark (Lackawanna), Brayden Tryon (Maryvale), Christian Moss (Medina), Christian Earnst (North Tonawanda), Terrence Pendergrass (St Francis), Marcus Johnson (Will South), John Mahar (Wilson)

Top Wide Receivers of the Week: Quentin Centner (Gowanda), Nate Blair (Iroquois), Tray Thompson (Lockport), Ben Dickenson (Newfane), Steven Butler (Sweet Home)

Top Offensive Linemen of the Week: Jazier Fluker (Bennett), Owen Rush (Fredonia), Xavier King (Medina), Sheldon Cunningham (Health Sciences/BASC/Charter), Noah Stierheim (Williamsville North)

Top Defensive Linemen of the Week: Cameron Slade (Gowanda), Sam Ikeguwonu (Lackawanna), Keenan Banks (Maryvale), Colin Doxey (Newfane), Ty Richardson (Pioneer), Warrick Kyler (Salamanca)

Top Linebackers of the Week: Brayden Lamont (Akron), Kahmari Cook (Bennett), David Markham (Falconer/CV/MG), Davion White (Fredonia), Chase Bonta (Jamestown), Amir Douglas (Lackawanna), Lucas Lombardo (Starpoint), Ethan Lacker (Wilson)

Top Defensive Back of the Week: Noah McDuffie (Bennett), Jahyden Clark (Canisius), Jahshawn Robinson (Health Sciences/BASC/Charter), Grant Randall (Depew), Garrett Chase (Niagara Wheatfield),

Top Kicker of the Week: Cole Callard (Medina)

Slogan for the Week: Good Teams make the playoffs. Hot teams win in the playoffs- Derek Jeter

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