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CCAA West II Baseball Preview

Brocton Central Bulldogs

Head Coach: Mr. Robert Fetterick

Assistant Coaches: Mr. Joe Dunn, Mr. Colin Mulcahy, Mr. Colton Farnham

2018 Varsity Record: 17-3

Key players returning: Ronald “Bubba” Brown, Jordan Krystofiak, Riley Rivera,

Derrick Burns, Caleb Chelton, Gabe Morello, Michael Steward

New Players to watch out for: Nick Putcher, Darien Booker, Ryan Laurito

Key losses due to graduation: Charlie Rexford

Any additional information: Loss in State Finals in 2018

Players committed to playing in college- Ronald Brown – Undecided

Jordan Krystofiak- Undecided, Derrick Burns- Undecided

Clymer/Sherman (Combining this year)

Head Coach: Bob Newton

Assistant Coaches: Dan White, Dick Cooper

2018 Varsity Record: 5-19 (Combined)

Key players returning: Reece Bates, Michael Beatman, Hunter Cooper, Lucas Willink, Garrett McClelland

New players to watch out for: Trent Burchanowski, Zavon Overton, Matt White, Austin Freely

Key losses due to graduation: Caleb Burks, Sam Wiggers, Jordan Wade, Spencer TeWinkle

Players committed to playing in college- None

Westfield Wolverines

Head Coach: Dan Martin

Assistant Coaches: Nate Scriven

2018 Varsity Record: 5-8

Key players returning: Brock Schuster, Bret Babcock, Mike Johnson, Dylan Scriven, Colby Bills

New players to watch out for: Nate Culbreth, Brad Babcock

Key Losses due to Graduation: Brady Nusom, Luke Kwaski

Players committed to Playing in College-

Bret Babcock- University of Pittsburgh at Bradford, Brock Schuster- Youngstown State

*** Maple Grove and Panama did not return their profile forms. ***

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